Masterball, the new crazy ball juggling game!

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First you start with the normal Starterball! It is possible to unlock the ohter balls by reaching a certain highscore Great Ball, a certain highscore and at least 30 played games Ultra Ball and if you unlocked the Great Ball and Ultra Ball, you can watch a single video to unlock the awaited Masterball.

Information about the game

? You must hit the ball with your finger on the lower half of the ball
? If you miss the ball you get -1 point
? With every hit the ball will get faster and smaller, if you miss the ball the attributes go back
? The masterball is the only ball that gives you +2 points by touching him. A general rule is: the better the ball, the slower rise/sink (speed, size) the attributes, whereby you can reach a higher highscore
? In the shop you find all locked balls, your highscore, your played games and if you haven't unlocked all balls yet, the amount of videos you watched so far
? Google Play Games: online-highscore & achievements



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Great Ball

Ultra Ball